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Bucs Volleyball Honored by Region X

This Saturday afternoon the CVCC Buccaneers Volleyball team claimed the Region X championship and the District P championship which includes an invite to the NJCAA Volleyball National Tournament.

Buccaneer student-athletes also received individual honors, Sophomore Jennifer Beatty was named Region X player of the year, and placed on first team all-region. Sophomores Lacy Goodson and Kailey Russell were also named first team all-region. Beatty, Goodson, and Russell were also honored as all-tournament selections. Head Coach Shannon Hudson was honored as the Region X coach of the year.

The team is preparing for their trip to the National tournament in Toledo, Ohio November 15-17. Please continue to check up with for more information of the Buccaneers Volleyball team.

Bucs Volleyball Wins 2 Tournament Games on Saturday Heading to Nationals

On Saturday, November 3, 2012, Catawba Valley competed against Pitt Community College in the Semi-Final round of the NJCAA Region X/District P Tournament at 10:00. The Bucs battled in the first set and come out on top, 26-24. Leah Wells had 5 kills in the first set, Jenn Beatty added 4 and Lacy Goodson posted 3. Lacy Goodson had 9 assists for the set and Leah Wells added 2. Megan Gouge and Kailey Russell had 2 block assists each. Leah Wells led the dig category with 7 digs, Jenn Beatty posted 6, and Hannah Lewis and Ashley Almond had 5 each. Hannah Lewis had 2 aces in set one.
Momentum continued into the second set for the Bucs and they won 25-20. Kills were spread across the offense with Ceci Brandon leading the way with 4 kills for the set. Megan Gouge and Leah Wells had 3 each and Kailey Russell and Jenn Beatty each had 2. Lacy Goodson had an amazing 13 assists for the set. Leah Wells had 1 block solo and Jenn Beatty and Kailey Russell had 1 block assist each. Jenn Beatty and Hannah Lewis had 8 digs each, Leah Wells had 4 and Lacy Goodson posted 3. Jenn Beatty aced 2 against the Pitt Bulldogs in set 2 and Lacy Goodson added 1.
In the third set, Catawba Valley lost focus and dropped the set 22-25. Jenn Beatty had 5 kills, Leah Wells added 3 and Kailey Russell had 2. Lacy Goodson had 11 assists for the set. Kailey Russell had 1 block solo. Hannah Lewis led the defense with 6 digs, Lacy Goodson had 4, Jenn Beatty had 3, and Leah Wells posted 2 digs. Leah Wells also served 1 ace for the set.
The Bulldogs of Pitt refused to lose and took the fourth set 25-22. The outside hitters for the Bucs worked hard with Jenn Beatty posting 8 kills and Leah Wells adding 5, but it was not enough against the strong Pitt defensive game. Lacy Goodson posted 14 assists for the set. Leah Wells led the defense with 5 digs and Ashley Almond, Lacy Goodson and Hannah Lewis had 3 digs each. Lacy Goodson and Hannah Lewis had 1 ace each for the set.
In the final set of the match, Catawba Valley pulled together to secure the Region X Championship and won 15-10. Jenn Beatty led the way in the kill category with 4, Leah Wells had 3 kills, and Ceci Brandon and Megan Gouge had 2 each. Lacy Goodson had 12 assists for the set. Ceci Brandon and Jenn Beatty had 1 block assist each. Lacy Goodson led the defense with 6 digs, Jenn Beatty and Leah Wells had 4 each and Hannah Lewis had 3.
With the win, the Bucs moved to 33-0 for the year and advanced to the Region X/ District P Championship game to face Pasco-Hernando Community College at 2:30 on Saturday, November 3, 2012.

The Catawba Valley Lady Buccaneers matched up against the Conquistadors of Pasco-Hernando in the NJCAA District P Championship game at 2:30 on Saturday, November 3, 2012. The Bucs played passive in the first set of the match, dropping it 12-25. Although the offense was struggling, Lacy Goodson and Kailey Russell managed 3 kills each. Lacy Goodson posted 4 assists for the match and Hannah Lewis added 3. Defense was lacking, but Lacy Goodson and Leah Wells posted 3 digs each. Savannah Dellinger had 1 ace for the set.
In the second set, the Bucs decided to play ball and won 25-22. Kailey Russell dominated the offense with 5 kills, Leah Wells had 4, and Jenn Beatty added 3. Lacy Goodson posted 12 assists for the set. Ceci Brandon controlled the net with 1 block solo and 2 block assists and Lacy Goodson added 2 block assists for the set. Leah Wells posted 5 digs for the set, Lacy Goodson had 4 and Hannah Lewis dug up 3. Lacy Goodson and Savannah Dellinger each had 1 ace for the set.
The momentum continued for the Bucs into set three, as they defeated the Conquistadors 26-24. Jenn Beatty was on fire with 5 kills for the set, Leah Wells put down 4 and Ceci Brandon added 2. Lacy Goodson had 11 assists for the set. Savannah Dellinger and Ceci Brandon had 3 block assists each and Jenn Beatty added a block solo. Lacy Goodson played an amazing defensive game with 6 digs, Leah Wells dug up 5, Hannah Lewis had 4 and Jenn Beatty posted 3 digs for the set. Savannah Dellinger’s serving game was on with 2 aces for the set and Lacy Goodson added 1 ace.
In set 4, it was back and forth between the Conquistadors and the Buccaneers, but Pasco gained ground towards the end of the set, winning 25-20. Leah Wells, Ceci Brandon, and Jenn Beatty had 2 kills each for the set. Lacy Goodson put up 7 assists. Jenn Beatty had 2 block solos and Leah Wells had 1 block solo for the set. Hannah Lewis played her heart out on defense and had 12 digs and contributed 1 ace for the set.
Fans were going wild in the stands as the fifth and final deciding set between Catawba Valley and Pasco Hernando began. Points went back and forth with Pasco leading 8-7 at the side-switch. The Bucs were down 13-11, but refused to lose and battled back point by point to an 18-16 victory. The bleachers cleared as the fans stormed the court in celebration of the Buc’s District Championship win. Leading the offensive game for the Bucs was Leah Wells and Jennifer Beatty with 3 kills each. Ceci Brandon posted 2 kills for the set and Lacy Goodson, Kailey Russell and Megan Gouge each contributed 1 kill. Lacy Goodson posted 8 assists for the set. The Buc’s defense denied Pasco’s offensive efforts by posting 23 total digs for the set. Leading the way was Hannah Lewis with 9 digs, Leah Wells had 6, Lacy Goodson posted 3, and Jenn Beatty added 2.
The Buccaneers received numerous honors for their efforts this season. Jennifer Beatty was named NJCAA Region X Player of the Year and she also received All-Tournament Team honors. Kailey Russell and Lacy Goodson were named to the NJCAA Region X First Team All-Conference and also received All-Tournament Team honors. Coach Shannon Hudson received NJCAA Region X Coach of the Year! The Bucs finished the tournament 34-0 as the Region X Champions and District P Champions.
Catawba Valley advances to the NJCAA National Championship in Toledo, Ohio on November 15-17.

CVCC 3, PCC 2 (26-24, 25-20, 22-25, 22-25, 15-10)

Match Leaders:
Kills: Jennifer Beatty 23, Leah Wells 19, Cecilia Brandon 7, Kailey Russell 6, Megan Gouge 6
Aces: Hannah Lewis 3, Jennifer Beatty 3, Lacy Goodson 2, Leah Wells 1
Blocks: Kailey Russell 2.5, Leah Wells 1, Jennifer Beatty 1, Megan Gouge 1, Cecilia Brandon .5
Assists: Lacy Goodson 59, Leah Wells 2, Hannah Lewis 1
Digs: Hannah Lewis 25, Jennifer Beatty 23, Leah Wells 22, Lacy Goodson 19, Ashley Almond 8

CVCC 3, PHCC 2 (12-25, 25-22, 26-24, 20-25, 18-16)

Match Leaders:
Kills: Leah Wells 14, Jennifer Beatty 13, Kailey Russell 11, Cecilia Brandon 8, Lacy Goodson 5
Aces: Savannah Dellinger 4, Lacy Goodson 2, Hannah Lewis 1
Blocks: Cecilia Brandon 3.5, Jennifer Beatty 3, Savannah Dellinger 1.5, Leah Wells 1, Lacy Goodson 1
Assists: Lacy Goodson 42, Hannah Lewis 6, Leah Wells 2
Digs: Hannah Lewis 29, Leah Wells 24, Lacy Goodson 18, Jennifer Beatty 13, Ashley Almond 6