Friday Game: November 1, 2013
#1 Catawba Valley Community College 3 #8 Guilford Tech Community College 0 (25-9, 25-13, 25-13)

CVCC Leaders:
Kills: Aimee Cloninger 13, Leah Wells 12, Tiffany Brooks 6
Digs: Hannah Lewis 12, Leah Wells 12, Aimee Cloninger 9
Assists: Madison Pogue 27
Aces: Leah Wells 7, Hannah Lewis 2, Madison Pogue 2
Blocks: Anna Henderson 1.5, Aimee Cloninger 1.5, Tiffany Brooks 1

#1 Catawba Valley had the first match of the Region X District P Women’s Volleyball Tournament on Friday, November 01, 2013 vs. #8 seed Guilford Tech Community College. The Bucs won in three straight sets 25-9, 25-13 and 25-13.
Leading the offensive game for the Bucs was Aimee Cloninger and Leah Wells with 13 and 12 kills respectively. Tiffany Brooks added 6 kills. Sophomore captains Hannah Lewis and Leah Wells ran the defense with 12 digs each for the match. Aimee Cloninger added 9 digs. Madison Pogue put up 27 assists for the match. Leah Wells had a phenomenal serving game with 7 aces, a season high for Wells and Hannah Lewis and Madison Pogue added 2 aces each. Anna Henderson and Aimee Cloninger controlled the net with 1.5 blocks each and Tiffany Brooks contributed 1.

Saturday Semifinal Game:
#1 Catawba Valley Community College 3 #4 Wake Tech Community College 0 (25-14, 25-17, 25-9)

CVCC Leaders:
Kills: Leah Wells 12, Anna Henderson 10, Aimee Cloninger 8, Megan Gouge 6
Digs: Hannah Lewis 14, Madison Pogue 8
Assists: Madison Pogue 33
Aces: Aimee Cloninger 4, Leah Wells 3, Katie Ruff 2
Blocks: Anna Henderson 3, Aimee Cloninger 1.5, Tiffany Brooks 1, Madison Pogue 1

#1 seed Catawba Valley hosted #4 seed Wake Tech Community College for the semi-final round of the Region X District P Women’s Volleyball Tournament on Saturday, November 2, 2013 at 10:00. The Bucs won in three sets 25-14, 25-17 and 25-9.
Leading the offensive game for the Bucs was Leah Wells with 12 kills. Anna Henderson posted 10 kills for the match and Aimee Cloninger and Megan Gouge added 8 and 6 kills respectively. Libero Hannah Lewis controlled the defense with 14 digs for the match and Madison Pogue contributed with 8 digs. Madison Pogue also put up 33 assists for the match. The serving game was strong for the Bucs with Aimee Cloninger leading the category with 4 aces. Leah Wells added 3 aces and Katie Ruff had 2. Anna Henderson controlled the net with 3 blocks, Aimee Cloninger had 1.5 and Tiffany Brooks and Madison Pogue contributed 1 each.

Championship Match: Saturday, November 2, 2013
#1 Catawba Valley Community College 3 #3 Pasco-Hernando Community College 1 (25-21, 25-27, 30-28, 25-22)

CVCC Leaders:
Kills: Aimee Cloninger 16, Leah Wells 13, Tiffany Brooks 9, Anna Henderson 7, Madison Pogue 4, Megan Gouge 4, Katie Ruff 1
Digs: Hannah Lewis 19, Leah Wells 16, Aimee Cloninger 15, Katie Ruff 10, Madison Pogue 9
Assists: Madison Pogue 39
Aces: Aimee Cloninger 2, Leah Wells 1, Katie Ruff 1, Madison Pogue 1
Blocks: Anna Henderson 3, Megan Gouge 3, Tiffany Brooks 2, Leah Wells 1.5, Aimee Cloninger 1

In the final match of the day, the Lady Buccaneers of Catawba Valley took on the Conquistadors of Pasco Hernando Community College. Intensity was high right from the beginning and the Bucs capitalized on their home court advantage, winning the first set 25-21. The Conquistadors battled back in the second set and the Bucs dropped it, 25-27. Points were back and forth in the third set, with the Conquistadors having game point 4 times, but the Bucs refused to lose and battled for the win 30-28. Catawba Valley clenched the match in the fourth set, 25-22, winning the District P Title and a bid for the NJCAA Division II National Tournament to be held in Toledo, Ohio on November 21, 22 and 23.
Leading the offense for the Bucs was Region X Player of the Year Aimee Cloninger with 16 kills. Sophomore Captain Leah Wells contributed 13 kills, Tiffany Brooks had 9, Anna Henderson posted 7 kills and Madison Pogue and Megan Gouge had 4 kills each. Libero Hannah Lewis controlled the defense with 19 digs, Leah Wells had 16, Aimee Cloninger posted 15 and Katie Ruff and Madison Pogue had 10 and 9 digs respectively. Madison Pogue ran the offense with 39 assists. For the serving game, Aimee Cloninger aced 2 balls, and Leah Wells, Katie Ruff and Madison Pogue all had 1 ace each. The block was strong for the Lady Buccaneers with Anna Henderson and Megan Gouge putting up 3 total blocks each. Tiffany Brooks had 2 blocks, Leah Wells had 1.5 and Aimee Cloninger added 1 block.

With wins this weekend, CVCC claimed the NJCAA Division II Region X Tournament Championship and the NJCAA Division II District P Championship.

Award earned for the year were as follows:
Aimee Cloninger – NJCAA Region X Player of the Year
Leah Wells – NJCAA Region X All-Conference
Megan Gouge – NJCAA Region X All-Conference
Hannah Lewis – NJCAA Region X All-Conference – Honorable Mention
Shannon Hudson – NJCAA Region X Coach of the Year
CVCC – NJCAA Region X Carolina-Virginia Regular Season Conference Champion
CVCC – NJCAA Region X Tournament Champion
CVCC – NJCAA District P Champion

The Bucs overall regular season record is 36-0 and their regular season conference record is 16-0. In post season play, Catawba Valley is 3-0, bringing their overall record to a phenomenal 39-0.