Our School Our Brand Campaign

Voting Closed, Final Pick will be Announced at Spring Fling on Wednesday, April 4

CVCC ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT – Catawba Valley Community College’s Athletic Department is announcing the top three finalists for the “Our School, Our Brand” new athletics mascot campaign. After reviewing over 100 submissions, the branding committee has picked three finalists that embody and express the past and future of CVCC.

The three finalists for the new brand are: Coyotes, Red Hawks and Thunder.

Members of the community are encouraged to cast a vote beginning Wed., March 26, through Wed., April 2.

The three athletics mascots were selected based on uniqueness, marketability, and relation to CVCC and the surrounding community.

“It was important for us to include aspects of our community to the new brand, from our rich tradition as Catawba County along with the success of CVCC,” said athletic director Nick Schroeder. All three names pay homage to the area, the Native American culture which influenced naming Catawba County, and the past and future successes of CVCC.

The community is encouraged to select one of the three finalists. Visit http://GoCVCC.com before April 3 and click on the photo link at the top of the page. Visitors will be directed to the voting page with information on the three finalists.

“I have been excited to see the level of response our campaign has generated,” said Schroeder. “We asked the community for help and they did. We can’t wait to see what the community’s response is to the three finalists.”

Below are explanations and backgrounds for each of the 3 finalists:

Why the Coyote:


The Coyote has become an adaptable species prepared to live anywhere. The Coyote will reach full growth within their first year and they will hunt in packs or routs. The Coyote is listed in Native American folklore as a character we learn lessons that we may have never known until the Coyote brings us the lesson. It is also said that when a Coyote appears there is a natural shift with a new beginning coming.

CVCC allows students to make changes in their lives, whether right out of high school, changing jobs, or seeking more education. Once a student enrolls at CVCC, a shift is made in his/her life, a new beginning has started. The Coyote represents the new beginning to all the students that come to CVCC as well as all the lessons they will learn. The goal of CVCC is to prepare students to be successful anywhere and that they are adaptable to the changes in the world.

Why the Red Hawk:


The Hawk is touted as one of the most intelligent birds due to their ingenuity in hunting and has the keenest eyesight of many bird species. The Red Tailed Hawk is local to this area in North Carolina. In Native American culture, Hawks are seen as messengers and often will carry a message to seek the intellectual power to obtain freedom. The Red Tailed Hawk has bright red tail feathers. These red tail feathers only appear once the Hawk has reached full maturity. The red tail feathers can only be fully displayed when the Hawk is flying.

CVCC brings in a high caliber of students, faculty and staff to represent the school. The adaptability and ability to see changes for the future ties the idea of CVCC to the Red Hawk. By attending, CVCC students achieve a greater intellectual power and with this new knowledge they claim a new freedom to life. Once our students have graduated they have earned their Red Tail feathers of maturity and they will display their knowledge of CVCC as they fly into the work place or continue their education.

Why the Thunder:


Thunder is the sound caused by lightning. The sudden increase of pressure and temperature from lightning produces rapid expansion of the air surrounding and within a bolt of lightning. In turn, this expansion of air creates a sonic shock wave, similar to a sonic boom, which produces the sound of thunder, often referred to as a clap, crack, or peal of thunder. In conjunction Thunder has long been used to describe the sound race cars make at the track. In Native American culture Thunder is said to be made by the Thunderbird flapping its wings together.

With ties to the old stock car program at CVCC and the Hickory Motor Speedway, Thunder is an expression of the loud boom students make as they leave CVCC and head into the job market or continue their education. Just like the Thunderbird the students, faculty and staff make noise in the world with their great works in academics and athletics as they fly. In Catawba the Thunder is always loud in the Valley.

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